This Summer Romance Wreath features elegant Everlasting flowers, individually selected for the quality of their colour, shape and form, hand-wired then further secured with hot adhesive onto a moss-covered, padded base. This is a generous arrangement of at least 10 delicate Hydrangea flowers and English Roses in decadent buttermilk shades with a subtle hint of Peach, most flowers are arranged as full heads of petals with some split and used to fill any gaps, every delicate petal brings depth, texture and movement to the wreath, then finished with a colour-matched satin ribbon with which to hang it. The arrangement is then weather-proofed with a non-toxic formula and dried naturally to allow for indoor and outdoor use.


Wreath measures 47cm approx.


This is an original design by ‘Making an Entrance UK’, each wreath is unique and made to order at our Flower Studio in Cheshire using only the finest quality silk flowers, all our ‘Everlasting Flowers’ are sourced from within the UK and accredited by the National Florist Association (NFA). The quality of our blooms is evident in their highly realistic appearance and texture however, unlike fresh flowers, they offer the added benefit of looking beautiful for years with no watering or plant maintenance required. Each wreath is weather treated using a non-toxic formula to allow for indoor and outdoor use. You may choose to re-use your Seasonal Wreaths on your front door year after year, alternatively you may like to create a fresh new look each Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter in which case many clients choose to rotate, displaying the older model around the home on an internal door, over a fireplace or mirror or as a wall feature allowing you to display a new wreath on your front door whilst still making the most of your previous purchases.

Summer Romance Wreath

Fairy Lights