This stunning Table Centrepiece is a real head-turner, featuring beautiful Everlasting Flowers, Foliage and fruits, individually selected for the quality of their colour, shape and form. Each element is hand-wired then further secured with hot adhesive onto a moss-covered, padded base. This generous arrangement celebrates the abundance of summer fruits and exotic flowers found flourishing in the beloved greenhouse of many a keen gardener whilst also tipping a trowel to the bountiful vineyards of Southern France to whom all us wine-lovers are eternally grateful. A rich purple Gladioli arks triumphantly amongst trailing Ivy and other hedgerow foliage, bejewelled with ripening juicy grapes hanging heavily from the vine and beautifully contrasted by the delicate pink petals of Hydrangea. 


Enhance this product with a Hurricane Lamp, Pillar Candle or delicate Fairy Lights 


  • The base measures approx 35cm, the fullness of the arrangement may add up to a further 10cm to the overall diameter.


This is an original design by ‘Making an Entrance UK’, each Centrepiece is unique and custom-made to order at our Flower Studio in Cheshire, UK using only the finest quality silk flowers. All flowers are sourced from within the UK and accredited by the National Florist Association (NFA). The quality of our blooms is evident in their highly realistic appearance and texture however unlike fresh flowers they offer the added benefit of looking beautiful for years with no watering or plant maintenance required. 

Vineyard Harvest ‘Everlasting’ Centrepiece

Hurricane Lamp & Fairy Lights
Hurricane Lamp & Pillar Candle