This exquisite floral wreath encapsulates a Summer stroll through a bountiful Orchard, branches laden with Apple blossom and bows bending beneath the weight of ripening, red apples. Here and there a Rambling Rose, as green as the grass you tread, basks in the sunlight. Lush green foliage of four varieties including Eucalyptus and Flocked Fern entwine around the wreath, adding depth and contrast. 


This delightful ‘Apple Orchard’ Summer Wreath features stunning Everlasting Flowers, Foliage and Fruits, each selected for the quality of their colour, shape and form. Every element is hand-wired then further secured with hot adhesive onto a moss-covered, padded base. Finished with a colour-matched satin ribbon with which to hang it, the arrangement is then weather-proofed with a non-toxic formula and dried naturally to allow for indoor and outdoor use.


Why not add a touch of night-time illumination and glamour with the addition of fairy lights. Also, keep your wreath safe with our ‘wreath Secure’ system, featuring an adjustable metal cable, discreetly hidden behind the ribbon that can be used to fasten your wreath securely to the inside of your door to protect from adverse weather and opportunist thieves. 


This wreath measures approx 47cm Diameter 


This would also bring a touch of elegance to a large dining table or a sideboard or console table, maybe even an interal door or above a fireplace.

Apple Orchard Table Centrepiece