• Wendy Radley

‘Keep Calm And Move House’

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

The day we moved here was hectic to say the least as we were relocating our home and my business too. Three removals trucks and a team of eight Welsh removals guys were booked to transport our furniture and personal possessions plus all my Flower Studio paraphernalia from Warrington to Wales. We traveled in convoy then sat outside the estate agents with two excitable pooches woofing non-stop in the back of the car as we waited for the banks and solicitors to do their thing so we could collect the keys to our new home. Eventually at 4pm the estate agent handed them over and then the real work began for the removals team and us! The lane up the hill is winding, narrow and steep with trees overhanging the road, this meant the removals team parked the larger articulated lorry at the bottom of the hill, decanting the contents into the smaller trucks to work in tandem ferrying our belongings up to the house. It took many trips but by 8pm all the trucks were emptied and the hard-working removals team left.

Top Tip: If you’re planning a move to a rural location it’s a good idea to arrange for the

removals company to check out access to the property before-hand as this means there’ll be no nasty surprises on Move Day and suitably-sized vehicles will be used to transport your belongings. Also consider using a local company who know the area you’re moving to as they‘ll have a much better understanding regarding the challenges of country lanes and the natural landscape and will likely have lots of experience of moving other people to similar properties and locations to yours.

Also I’d recommend you discuss any concerns you may have with your ‘Removals Coordinator’ before Moving Day: you may have the welfare of young children or elderly relatives or pets to consider. The Hubster and I were keen to manage our pooches in a way that would minimise canine anxiety; remember moving home can be stressful on pets too. Talking this through we came up with a plan to focus on unpacking the contents of the lounge first before anywhere else so that we could contain our pooches in one room and they would feel both secure and comfortable whilst furniture and boxes were brought into the rest of the house. Planning ahead like this worked really well for us, the only fly in the ointment was not getting access to our home until late afternoon as the exchange of funds along the property chain of buyers and sellers seemed to take hours to complete. Its best to accept that there are some things out of all our control on the day of a house move so my advice would be to pack plenty of food and drinks (don’t forget goody bags for your pets too) and layers of clothing in case you find yourselves sat in a car for a while whilst you wait for house keys, try to plan for all eventualities before-hand then on the day be prepared for a few unexpected dramas. In our experience every Move Day has brought its challenges no matter how well organised we’ve tried to be so it’s best to just take a deep breath and go with the flow. Although that’s often easier said than done of course!

That first night we were here the a Hubster and I felt equally excited and exhausted at the same time: we collapsEd on the sofa which was still covered in dust sheets, we lit our first log fire and cracked open a bottle of fizz to celebrate the start of our new life. When the bottle was empty, we watched the fire embers die down and took Sausage and Rolo outside for a last widdle before bedtime. I remember being struck by the silence and the absolute pitch darkness all around us. Without street lighting and with our neighbours properties hidden by trees I was surprised to find I couldn’t see my own hand in front of my face and a powerful torch was needed to keep track of the pooches on the large lawn. I was shocked at how brightly the stars shone in the night sky and the moon looked huge. Turning to head back indoors we heard owls hooting from the trees and we just looked at each other and grinned.

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