Caring for your Infinity roses

It's very simple to look after your Infinity Roses, regardless of whether you have a single large rose or a box of multiple flower heads. Simply keep them out of direct sunlight.

They require no watering, and should be kept away from any moisture and direct heat.

Please don't not remove your roses from their container, they are happy and safe in there.

If they become a little dusty, simply gently dust them with the corner of a light duster or soft makeup brush

Our Infinity Roses

Our roses undergo a sophisticated process to preserve them. This preservation technique allows our flowers to maintain a completely natural look and feel, almost as if they were freshly-cut flowers. This process is totally environmentally friendly.

Our fresh Roses are cut when they are at their most beautiful and radiant. They undergo a re-hydration process using glycerine and other plant extracts to replace the natural sap. After a number days, the process is complete and the flowers are ready to take pride of place in our stunning creations.

The final result is a beautiful flower with a completely natural appearance and feel that will remain looking at its best for at least a whole year.